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We make dip.  Really, really good dip!  Yes, the kind you eat with chips and veggies. All you need is some sour creammayo and one of our super awesome dip mixes. We have enough dip flavors to please just about anyone, so check out our shop. Your favorite dip is waiting to meet you!
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What Our Customers are Saying

“I just wanted to let you know that I tried out 4 of the dips at a party and they were a huge hit! I put the cute cards that you designed in front of each dip. Everyone loved the names and the adorable designs. My boyfriend and I ate the ‘Take Another Lil’ Pizza My Heart’ dip the same day that we picked it up, and it was delicious. We bought some turkey pepporoni and whole wheat crackers and it made a great combo. He’s having a ‘guy’s night’ this weekend so I just ordered a bunch of the spicy dips. The biggest hit was the Crabby Ol’ Beach, which I mixed with a can of crab meat. My personal favorite is the ‘Inter-Garlictic Voyage’. They’re all so good! I need to have more parties!” Danielle A.

“I just recently purchased 7 different dips from your website. Not only is your website informative and easy to navigate but the product is wonderful. The shipping was fast too. I have used 2 of the dips so far and they have been enjoyed by several of my friends and co-workers. I am giving some of the packets as gifts and know those people will love serving the dips when they entertain too. I am sure I will be back to purchase more as it has been a fantastic experience. Thank you.” Val A.

“I have tried many Dippy Chick products over the past year and have loved all of them! They have so many uses, from pastas to cheeseballs, to party dips. The ‘Parmesan Pupper-corn’ and the ‘Atomic Wedgie Veggie’ dips are my favorites so far, I can’t wait to try more!” Rachel H.

”  “Hey Chris, I’m loving your dips!! I just recently moved and had veggies and dip for all of my helpers to enjoy as they brought loads into my new home! Even my husband, who is not a vegetable fan, will eat a variety of them if they are covered in “parmesan peppercorn” or “crabby ol’ beach”. Thanks a bunch.” Meredith P.

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